Information about Listing & Game Release

03:00 UTC (10:00 GMT+7) September 22 Listing on PancakeSwap
September 30, 2021 web game release

How many types of Tokens does the game have?

The game will have only 1 Token: BCOIN

BCOIN Official Contract address: 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D

Bomb Crypto will be released on which platform?

PC (Web Game), login using MetaMask (using Network BSC)

What is the starting price on PancakeSwap?

The starting price when listing on PancakeSwap will be 1 BCOIN = 0.1 BUSD.

What is the initial cost to join the game?

The initial cost to be able to join the game is 10 BCOIN (equivalent to buying 1 Bomber Hero)

Some heroes have slow energy regeneration, why?

The higher the hero's rarity, the more energy bar is stored, so the longer it heals, if there's no house, the recovery rate will be 0.5 energy/min
The higher the stamina of the hero, the greater the energy reserve.
1 stamina = 50 energy

Sometimes my gas charge is up to 0.4 bnb, what should i do?

Please refresh the website and perform the transaction as usual. Disagree transaction when gas fee 0.4 bnb

When can I claim Bcoin and Hero Rescue?

You can claim when you mine 40 Bcoins and you must hold at least 1 BCOIN in your wallet
You can claim a hero when there is a rescue hero, in addition, the chest must contain the hero, there must be space, not exceeding 500 heroes.

My heroes are stuck, they don’t dig even though there are blocks on the map?

You just need to go back to the main menu then go back to Treasure Hunt mode.

I bought the hero successfully but didn’t receive it, what should I do?

- Refresh your game browser.
- Go check Chest    on top menu and click claim hero

When my loading stops at 10%, what should I do?

Refresh the browser, clear the cache, and repeat several times until you get into the game.

I claim hero/bcoin and my transaction on report which is successfull, but I don’t receive them

:round_pushpin: BCOIN:
1. If claiming failed.  :x:
>> Go to the Report site (  to retry. if you didn't retry within 24 hours, we will auto-retry for you, then BCOIN will return to your wallet.

2. If the claim is successful.  :white_check_mark: but hasn't been received yet
>> We will automatically process it within 24 hours, then the BCOIN will return to your wallet.

:round_pushpin: BHERO:
The claim fails or claims successfully without receiving:
=> Please wait within 24 hours, then go to the Report site (
and then connect the wallet to receive Hero back.

Does the hero recover energy when unactive?

Heroes will not recover energy while in an unactive state, heroes when unactive will also retain their current energy level.

Is there a limit to the number of houses in the game?

The number of houses in the game is currently limited to only 5000 houses.

Does the game use the player’s personal skills to win, or does the character’s stats in the game?

Phase 1 has only one mode, Treasure Hunt, which allows users to mine Bcoins through Bomber Heroes, the PVP function in phase 4 will allow players to use their skills more.
However, we also need time to analyze user trends and preferences before deciding to design a PVP.

Is the game required to buy a House for Bomber Hero?

Not mandatory. If there is no house, Bomber Hero will rest with a slow recovery speed.

Does Bomb Crypto plan to update the graphics?

Graphics is improved gradually but still has classic pixel style.

Is the amount of Bomber Hero limited?

We needed a short period to analyze the in-game user data, then we could decide to limit bomber heroes.

How many are hero max in game?

One account can contain 500 heroes, in-game there will be 15 mining heroes

Can I transfer my heroes / house to another wallet?

No, you can't. But soon we will have the Marketplace to buy/sell heroes/houses in Q4/2021.